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Yoga delivers profound medicine

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

What I love about yoga is that it is a framework for turning our awareness inward for a little while. My yoga asana practice always includes concentration on my breath and its journeys around the inside of my body.

I can also be still and focus on the sound my breath makes on the back of my throat and sinuses. I notice I can get taller on inhale and shorter on exhale. On exhale I can release everything to the floor.

That releasing everything to the floor on exhale part is from a unique chapter in my yoga journey - yoga teacher training with Peter Sterios.

I signed up for Peter's 5-month yoga teacher training class at a studio I'd never been to with a teacher I'd never practiced with. My first time doing Peter's yoga was morning #1 of teacher training. I thought I'd be doing yoga like I'd always done, meaning Vinyasa Flow or Iyengar. How little I knew. It ended up being of the hatha yoga variety. We went straight to the observation of our breath in longer-held postures. Peter is an excellent guide in that regard. It felt like a magical wonderland to discover my insides like that - through my conscious breath. Wow.

It was there that I met James Bailey who taught Ayurveda. I fell in love with Ayurveda through James's presentation of it. I ended up moving on to Sevanti Institute's level one and level two Ayurveda counselor training. So much great information. So much to think about.

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