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Two Angry Vaginas Met and Fell in Love

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Sherri and I met in 2012 while performing in the Arroyo Grande, CA Vagina Monologues together. We performed in two evening shows. In each of those shows one of us had the honor of performing the My Angry Vagina Monologue. It started with her asking me for the time and later her giving me a hug that lasted a few extra seconds. It's all we needed to say a deeply satisfying hello to each other. We were immediately smitten with each other.

We both had joy in our email addresses when we met. We listened to a lot of Ani. It turned into my dream relationship and now marriage. We have so much fun together. We are a great mom duo. We do family well. We support each other well. We are each total nerds in our own complementary ways.

EDC Bus 2015

Hathway Holiday Party Booth

On a Favorite Trip

A Subsequent Vagina Monologue Event

Married - I've Always Been Sure About Her

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