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My Three Spaghettis

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

What makes one strand of wet spaghetti stick to the wall when others do not? The stick factor right?

What makes one project idea stickier than others? Also, stick factor.

I've imagined a hundred businesses I could start. So far three have been worth pursuing and worth investing in. Some people get frustrated that I want to split my efforts between multiple businesses. I hope they can understand that I do that to diversify and agilify to protect my financial integrity. Like having a diverse portfolio I have diverse practiced skill sets. I can't be in a situation such as can't get wood anymore so I am just up shit creek. All three businesses are designed to work together to help me make a reasonable and secure living as an artist - the artist behind my businesses. When I have too much work I will hire help.

I am Otthsaw's owner, lead designer, and lead desk builder. I started designing my own furniture to solve the problem of wanting my yoga practice in my standard issue ill-equipped desk workspace. I fell in love with designing and building furniture. I made a business for the purpose of doing business with the public. I now build the Zippy Flamingo for Otthsaw. I put in 30+ hours a week on average.

Otthsaw is worth investing in for me foremost because it is a response to a significant need I see in the realm of self-care during desk work. It's a unique solution to a problem that causes much pain. With significant need hopefully comes hospitable market conditions and investment worthiness. Otthsaw is also worth investing in because it puts food in local mouths. Not just Ōtthsaw employee mouths but all the local people involved with getting all the supplies and tools together. Otthsaw is also worth investing in because it is good work to be in and does good in the world.

Being Blocks

Being Blocks are little stackable tools for the study of being. I have best guess 30 sets of Being Blocks out in the world. They were a labor of love at first. As I was learning to use a big laser in SLO Makerspace I would give away sets and later sold several sets. That was years ago. Friends and family still tell me about them. I love my own Being Blocks. I have a big box full to pick from to give my thinky friends meaningful gifts.

Being Blocks production has been down for years. I'm bringing it back up soon. I bought a small laser on Amazon. We'll see if it's going to get the job done. I expect a little learning curve to figure the laser out. It will live in a fireproof box. I expect to put in 6 hours a week.

Being Blocks is worth investing in because it fills a significant need for easy access to the study of being. The study of being is simply using being words or phrases to assess being states. Two or more Being Blocks can make a compound being statement.

The Space of Spaces

The Space of Spaces is a platform that hosts virtual spaces held for learning, growing, and connecting. I'm just launching it in late 2023. The First Seize the Week session is on Jan. 1, 2024. The Space of Space is a response to an unfulfilled need I see in adult social learning structures. For many of us something that is missing is space to be together in and chit-chat about what's important to us with like-minded people. Like quilting circles without quilts.

The Space of Spaces is worth investing in because human beings love to be together and work on stuff and learn stuff and holding spaces for that is nice. There appears to be plenty of need for this to justify investing in making it happen. Also, hopefully, The Space of Spaces will develop into lots of valued spaces held by lots of unique hosts. I expect to put in 5 - 10 hours a week

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