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Art is How I Work With Feelings Too Hard to Describe

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

"Share what you've been given. It may not keep you from the psychiatrist's couch...but it just might keep the padding on the couch and off the walls.”

~Donna J. Stone


The first three are furniture pieces. Shown Standing Flamingo, Leaning Flamingo, Caterpillar, And Zippy Flamingo desks at Cal Poly SLO Annex and my back yard.

Boxes four and five are Being Blocks. Shown is a complex being statement: graceful wonder, discern togethernes. I make these with a laser.

Six and seven involve paper, pen, paint, and canvas - I find getting out of my head and into line and color helps me work with strong feelings.

Eight and nine are wood, metal, and glass. My beautiful artist wife makes the beads. Then we find ways to contain them together.

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