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I Host an 8-Week Program Called Seize the Week in The Space of Spaces

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I have settled on Seize the Week as a way to support people's success in their dreams, ambitions, projects, and commitments. Seize the Week is a space for host guided conversations and positive social support.

As a host my main objective is getting people talking about their dreams, ambitions, projects, and commitments. Then supporting them through the trials and tribulations of getting and staying on the layered paths they bring into existence. It's hard to make this sound fun but for people who are into that thing it can feel really joyful to practice looking and growing with others. My plan is to host this 8 week Seize the Week program nearly ongoingly Monday 6 AM and Wednesday 6 PM for a long long time. New sessions start every 10 weeks.

I have chosen this type of work because it is something I have always loved and think I always will. I see it being fulfilling work I can do for the rest of my life. I am pushing 50 and only have so many furniture pieces left in me. It's not something I can always do full-time. It's physical labor. I need to cover my bases and develop other skills too. I love supporting people in their dreams. Otthsaw and Being Blocks wouldn't be here without the type of support I am describing. I had to go against a loud upset voice inside and outside my head sometimes, to keep going. Everything went wrong at first and I dealt with imposter syndrome constantly.

I've managed to 9.4 years as of this writing and would like to support others' journeys.

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