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I am a Gymnazo Fan Girl

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Gymnazo is a unique business. They do fitness differently than anything I've ever experienced. They are masters of program design and delivery. It's also an organization that is fun to do business with.

They taught me a lunge matrix which is both vast and efficient - so qualifies as elegant. And it's mine to keep and use anywhere and everywhere.

They have the best workout equipment. Our bodies are capable of so many different types of movement. Human bodies have a circular and spherical range of motion potential that traditional strength training doesn't do well with. Gymnazo is different. And I like that. I want all the planes of motion!

The other day I surprised myself at Gymnazo by jumping about a foot up onto a box with one foot. Coach Goose pointed it out to me. I wasn't paying attention to how many feet I was using. I felt a little amazed that I could still jump a foot with one foot.

I like thinking about what keeps me springy. Can I get up off the floor? Can I put something up on a shelf? Can I carry myself up and down curbs and stairs comfortably? Can I walk for a long time? These are things I want to keep empowering as I age. (I also enjoy physical labor and hope to continue forever.) The lunge matrix has a nice upwardness practice in it as we return to center each time. That matrix can expand out to a sphere which is next level range of motion exploration. See Coach CJ aka Movement_Exploration_Channel in Instagram for more.

This image is just for fun. I can't really do that with a couch. Sometimes I feel like I could though.

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