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Dedicated Cat Mom

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I love cats. My wife and I have been entrusted with looking after two cats full time and a few cats that stop by the front porch once in a while for food and pets. Bessie and Mr. Tabby live with us. Bessie was orphaned as a baby in Las Vegas and somehow ended up living with Nicole and Butters in San Luis Obispo. When Butters decided Bessie couldn't live with them Bessie came to live with us. Mr. Tabby lived two doors down as an indoor-outdoor guy. When his people added a darling new doodle to the family Mr. Tabby moved out. Then, with the neighbor's blessings moved in with us.

Bessie's name is due to her black and white fur like a Bessie cow. My nickname for her is Honey Bird. It's just what came out of my mouth the first time I met her as a wee kitten.

When she is making a request Bessie sounds like she has been smoking for sixty years. When she is talking to her toys she makes very clear meow sentences. When she is scared or upset she makes loud meows.

Mr. Tabby likes to come in and out 10 - 20 times a day. We humans of the household are voluntarily employed as his door openers. He stares at us through a window when he wants in.

Mr. Tabby likes to hang out in the bathroom in the middle of the night. He likes to hang out at the toilet and talk. He is the only one talking though.

It is really common to be greeted by Mr. Tabby with a calf/shin snuggle and a few short words. Sometimes he approaches me with loud purrs while I am sleeping.

Mr. Tabby is the reason we cant have birds.

This is Indiana. She is in her next life now. I believe she picked Sherri out. She had one blue eye and one gold. She liked to be fed at 5 in the morning if not sooner seven days a week. She was an old lady. She was so loved. It became really real to me following her passing that we can really really really mourn animals. I feel so connected to all our cats.

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