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Ayurveda is Slow Medicine

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I'm enthralled with some of the topics of Ayurveda. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly rituals have caught my interest. Our lives play out over so many seasons all with their own properties. There are many rituals to choose from. They don't have to be practiced ritualistically. Only as they serve well. Below are some example practices out of thousands.


  • Get some unfiltered sunlight upon your eyes early

  • Magick hour - no tech for at least one hour after waking

  • Sit in your fasts occasionally and listen to your hunger

  • Eat your largest meal mid-day or early afternoon

  • Make space between meals - experience hunger

  • Break a sweat every day

  • Yoga asana

  • Vegan meals

  • Journaling

  • Walking

  • Breathing

  • Being


  • Journaling

  • Data collection

  • Grocery shopping

  • Medicine prep

  • Long walk

  • Yoga asana

  • Vegan days


  • Two-day fast

  • Week-long fasts - pick something - meats, cheese, bread, TV, social media, olives

  • Data collection

  • Journaling

Things like that.

This is the time to turn our awareness inward.

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